If you would like to trade one or more of the shows listed on my list, please e-mail me. All shows are two discs with two exceptions - ZTP01 and ETP01, which are one disc each.


 When you e-mail me, please provide the following information:


 - Your Name & Country

- The show(s) you want please provide the full date (DD/MM/YEAR), city and/or concert I.D. number(s).

- Please include a list of all your shows. If you are sending an attachment, please only do so in either plain text or files that are compatible in Word or Excel.


If I have not traded with you before, I will not send out any shows until I receive shows from you.

Please note that I burn ALL CD's DAO (Disk-At-Once) and expect you to do the same. If you do not know what this is, then please e-mail me and I will give you more information.


None of the shows come with a jewel case or cover art in a trade. Therefore, your shows don't need to either. I include a CD envelope, neatly label my CD's and mail in a bubble envelope and that's all I ask from you in return.

Also, please don't ask me for a B&P. I rarely do them anymore, but any that I do will be listed on a U2 newsgroup.