Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush Wins, America Loses.

Even though in all honesty, I don't think my life will be overly affected by Bush getting re-elected, I am extremely disappointed in the election's outcome. I think that's one of the key differences between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans tend to vote based on their own self interests (i.e.-who will give them lower taxes), while Democrats tend to vote based on the country's best interests (i.e.- who will create more jobs). So even though I know Bush getting re-elected isn't necessarily going to make my life worse, I know overall it's going to make us less respected around the world (particularly in the middle east, fuelling a new generation of Bin Laden's), hurt our economy and workforce, further erode our civil liberties, and much worse.

Of course, those things won't effect me personally because I'm white, male, straight, and financially comfortable. In other words, I'm the only type of person Bush cares about. So he's not going to do anything to make my life shit. But as a Democrat, I have a tendancy to look at the broader picture and care more about what he'll do for the country as a whole, and for the less fortunate. In that respect, I hate to say, Bush will continue to degrade the quality of life.

Another fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans is how they view America. Both agree America is the greatest country on earth, but Republicans seem content to maintain the status quo, while Democrats recognize that being the best does not mean we're perfect, and strive to move us closer to perfection by trying to fix our social problems, like poverty, health care, etc...

The last fundamental difference I've noticed the last little bit, especially today, is that Republicans somehow feel that because they got 3% more the votes, it means their way is the right way. Rational people will look at that tiny margin and see it for what it really is - that we have a terribly divided country. Divided on many things with the exception of love for our country and the desire to improve it. Because 58 million people embraced your candidate does not mean the 55 million who did not should be ignored. However, like Bush's empty promise to "unite the country" after the 2000 election, I feel any pledges to reach out to those 55 million will just be lip service.

A lot of Americans I know said if Bush wins, they'd move to Canada, most of them half-jokingly. Well, I've lived in Canada, I grew up there, and I'd rather live in the US under a horrible leader like Bush than in Canada under any leader. I love the United States, which is why Bush's re-election hurts me. I know with four more years of Bush we will drift further away from the country and the ideals that once made us the envy of the world. We're no longer the country that millions of people like my Great Grandparents left their families and homelands for to immigrate here in the early 20th century. We can no longer promise every man, woman, and child the American Dream because in the last four years Bush has made that dream increasingly exclusive to the fortunate few. But the American Dream is still alive, it's just an awful lot harder to achieve today than it was four years ago, especially if you're a minority or don't come from the upper middle class or above. Hard work used to mean success, today it just means you have a better chance at merely 'getting by.'

We have a lot of problems in this country, no doubt. And we're going to have a lot more in the next four years because of the outcome of this election. However, America is still the land of opportunity, even if those opportunities become increasingly difficult to reach with each passing day of the Bush admistration. But they're still there. And until they become out of reach, America will be, for the time being, the greatest country on the face of the earth.

Maybe I'm an idiot for remaining so idealistic and hopeful in the wake of one of the worst tragedies in American election history. Maybe I'm being too positive. Or maybe I'm just in a good mood because I saved a ton of money on my car insurance by switching to Geiko. I think what it really is is that I believe in America, even though it's harder to today than it was yesterday, and will be even harder to the next four years. I believe what we're all about cannot be destroyed so much by one man in four or eight years that it cannot be restored by another in the same time. And what makes me believe that more than anything else is because I remember the incredible thing America was during the Clinton years and believe it will be once again.


Steven said...

There is no denial that America is divided. Under many issues, opponents on each side continue to make cases for their beliefs. The 2004 Presidential campaign seemed to have a primary focus on post 9/11 events, specifically the war in Iraq.

I remember being at work that day the enemy claimed war on America. The teary eyes, the sorrow, the disbelief and the anger. The very next day, our country was united. American red, white and blue was on our cars, on our front lawns and proudly displayed on our clothing.

The House was in majority vote with President Bush to accept the war on terrorism. The war on terrorism also included countries who harbored the terrorists. So as a united country, America loaded up and moved forward with the plan. As it turned out, the phrase "Shock and Aw" means a little more to me now than it did during it's orginal context.

Then after they kicked our troops out of the planes and onto the desert battlefield, the back-stabbing John Kerry lead the charge to divide America once again. He voted to send the troops, but not to upgrade their armor! That's shock and aw my fellow Americans!

As I stated ealier, there are many issues raised during the debate. In my opinion it was not the war that divided our country, it is the destinguished moral division between the two candidates. Americans, you should be in shock and aw that 55 million of our people share the same sinful beliefs of same sex marriage and abortion as John Kerry does!

An American president is the leader of his country. He is the direct example of his people. Having Kerry in office would have been a joke! Bill Clinton's comedy show with Monica would have taken back seat to Kerry's debut showing of "Immoral Combat."

Of all the issues surrounding the 2004 Presidential Election, my belief and understanding is that George W. Bush won the election by the faith of Jesus Christ! I am thankful and in shock and aw that atleast 57,999,999 other God fearing Americans share the same interests.

Below is part of a yahoo article I found. Please allow me to share it with you.

Exit polls conducted for The Associated Press and television networks by Edison Media Research/Mitofsky International showed clearly that the president draws much of his support from religious people:

_The president had the support of 78 percent of white evangelicals, 23 percent of the voters.

_Bush won 52 percent of the Roman Catholic vote on Tuesday, and got the support of 56 percent of white Catholics, defeating the first Catholic presidential candidate from a major party since John F. Kennedy. In 2000, Bush narrowly lost the Catholic vote.

_Bush was favored by 61 percent of people from all faiths who attend services weekly; they made up 41 percent of the electorate. Democrat John Kerry (news - web sites) drew 62 percent of Americans who never attend worship, but they only accounted for 14 percent of voters.

_When respondents were asked to pick the one issue that mattered most in choosing a president, "moral values" ranked first at 22 percent, surpassing the economy (20 percent), terrorism (19 percent) and Iraq (news - web sites) (15 percent).

America is divided, just like Heaven and hell will be come judgement day. We don't know when that day will come, so you better choose the right side and vote with your heart in the future!

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Bill said...


The War on Terror and the War in Iraq are two different things, as the bi-partisan 9/11 Committee did find that there were no terrorists in Iraq. That is, until Bush's bumbling of the war destablized Iraq and enabled Al Qaeda terrorists to come in and attack our soldiers.

Oh, and one last thing...why do you call John Kerry a backstabber? Is it because he had the balls to come back from Vietnam and tell Congress what was really going on over there? It's too bad there aren't more people like him now, with all the lies and distorted information the disgusting Bush administration has put out about the 'progress' in Iraq.

Also, John Kerry, unlike Bush and Cheney, served his country admirably, and if he was fighting for 'freedom' like Bush says we are in Iraq, that includes freedom of speech. Meanwhile, Bush and Cheney were hiding from doing real military service like the cowards they are. It should be no surprise to anyone that they are so cavalier about sending thousands of American soldiers to their deaths for a war based on lies and false information, and still see it fit to do so.

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