Saturday, June 12, 2004

Generic Intro

Wow, my boredom has reached new levels. I actually joined the realm of the supernerd and started up a blog. What is a blog you ask? I really don't know, I answer. I read about it on and decided to check it out. I think its some sort of online journal thing. CNN said the average blog only lasts about six months, then the "blogger" usually stops giving a shit about it. Of course, I'm far more lazy than the average man and have the attention span of a ferret on a double espresso, so any bets on how long until I abandon my blog? Here are some odds:

50:1 - 6 months
25:1 - 1 month
5:1 - 2 weeks
2:1 - this will be the last post I ever put on it.

Actually, I think this could be useful. Its a great way to post updates about where I'm travelling and the stuff I'm doing. Of course, this only would appeal to the two people who care about what I'm doing (hi Mom & Dad!), but I could also use it for some political rants, expressing my sharp wit, and just general bitching, which is always fun.


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